Celebrating St Patrick’s Day With Event Planners

All throughout the year, there are plenty of reasons for people to plan events. Among the reasons for event planning is St. Patrick’s Day. This is one of the favorite days of the year because it is very fun and lively. Given that a lot of people are going to be planning events, it is up to them to make sure that they have their own events that stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it is important to allow for some time to be able to make sure that one is able to come up with some really good events.


One thing that could be done is to hire a corporate event planner. There are tons of corporate event planners NYC has that will help people find the right type of event that people are going to enjoy. For one thing, event planning companies in NYC are not only experienced but also full of the time they need to actually bring forth some really good results. One example of such an event planner is Twenty Three Layers. This company has a ton of professionals that enjoy creating events for St. Patrick’s Day. They have expert knowledge on how to use clovers, the color green, and plenty of other aspects of the holiday.


One of the greatest event planners in NYC offers is White Shark Media. They have a lot of knowledge and passion about St. Patrick’s Day. They are going to make sure that any event they are involved in for this type of holiday is going to not only represent this holiday well, but is also going to take this holiday to an even higher level. One of the most important things that they are going to help people achieve is the fun and the creativity that goes into the holiday based event.

OSI Group: The Man Behind The Meats

When you go to the store to buy food, you rarely think about where the food comes from, and you really don’t think about who packages it. When you go to a restaurant or fast food joint, you don’t think about where these companies are getting their foods. Well you should! Not all companies take pride in their products like the OSI Group does.

The OSI Group has won numerous awards for food safety and management as well as environmental management awards.

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The OSI Group is the company that us regular civilians couldn’t care less about. Well, at least thats what we think. OSI Group provides food products to your favorite food places like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and even Papa Johns! As a matter of fact, When the OSI Group was “Otto & Sons”, the very first McDonald’s (1955) chose Otto & Sons as their supplier of fresh meat!

Sheldon Lavin, the companies chairman and CEO, recently won the Global Visionary Award back in 2016 for turning his goal into a reality. When Sheldon took control in the 80’s, he said he either had to build OSI Group into something big or he had to go back to finance (where he spent most of his career up until OSI). “Expanding and diversifying the business was probably the single most exciting part. I’m Proud of the fact that we have circled the globe and that we carried the OSI culture overseas…” -Sheldon Lavin

Learn more about OSI Group: http://www.careersinfood.com/osi-group-company-1088.htm

Troy McQuagge Has Won Gold

The 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards have seen Troy McQuagge winning gold. He has been named as CEO of the Year. He has dedicated this award to everyone who is engaged with USHEALTH Group, Inc. in some way or the other.

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. But being the CEO of the Year in these prestigious One Planet℠ Awards has to be backed by a lot of people. This is why he has rightfully given credit to all. These are coveted One Planet Awards. This is a global premier awards program. It is honoring only business and professional excellence. This is something that has been achieved by Troy McQuagge. But this was not the result of the efforts of a single person. Rather, everyone was involved as they all did their bit. After all, it is the little things that add together and lead to such heights of success. This does not apply to one company but rather to each and every industry around the world.

McQuagge had joined USHEALTH in 2010. At that time the company was not doing very well. Troy McQuagge is a visionary. He knew exactly what he wanted and how to go about it. This is why his focus was on USHEALTH Advisors first. His experience and vision allowed him to taste success here. This resulted in Mr. McQuagge getting elected as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This was in 2014. Troy McQuagge has not looked back since. He has ensured unprecedented success and profitability for this company. It has become a force to reckon with in this highly competitive market of individual health insurance.

No wonder that Troy McQuagge is delighted with such accolades. He is feeling honored as he gets named by One Planet Awards for receiving this highly esteemed industry as well as peer recognition. This could not have been possible without everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. contributing towards his success. This has become a testament to the ongoing commitment of this company as it strives to resolve the affordability problem that is being faced by customers in the healthcare industry today.


Vijay Eswaran: From Co-Founding QI Group To Authoring Business Books

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of several direct selling and asset management companies through QI Group, a multilevel marketing firm he and Joseph Bismarck founded nearly 20 years ago. Eswaran’s plan in starting these companies was to give aspiring entrepreneurs across Asia and the world a chance to go into business for themselves, and through QNet all products are sold solely by these independent sales representatives.

QI Group has also helped small to midsized businesses get financed through their QI Asset Management company, and they even have a training program in multilevel marketing called The V available through Quest International University Perak. Eswaran has made a lot of money through QI Group, but he’s familiar with doing a lot of manual labor too.

Eswaran was born in Malaysia and has run most of his business operations there, though he’s also launched them in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines and reached across the globe. He got his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics, but spent time doing manual labor before going to grad school.

Those odd jobs included picking grapes, working in construction zones and even driving a cab. But after saving up money, he was able to get into binary marketing through CIMA certification, and eventually completed his MBA at Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran first entered multilevel marketing when he decided to help the Cosway Group launch its Philippines subsidiary, and he soon found it to be attractive as a full time profession. In 1998, he officially co-founded QI Group Ltd. and in the coming years helped found RYTHM Foundation.

RYTHM has sponsored global initiatives across the Asian community through food drives and gifts to impoverished communities, helping establish schools and libraries, and caring for children with special needs.

Qbuzz believes that Vijay Eswaran is also a member of the World Economic Forum where he has given lectures and discussed various issues, and he attended the Global Indian Business Meet in 2012 where he was given the New Global Indian award for business and philanthropy work.

He’s been mentioned in Forbe’s Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy list in 2011, and is also the author of several books including his bestseller, In The Sphere Of Silence.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/

The Eventful Life of Todd Lubar

The fresh face of TDL Global Ventures, LLC Todd Lubar joined the company as the President. He has also been involved with Legendary Investments and Charter Funding as the SR. Vice President. In addition to these, he has also been holding the position of Sales Director in Debt Defense Services LLC. To look into the illustrious life history of Todd Lubar, let us have a sneak peek into each and every aspects of it.

Educational Background

In his early schooling days, Lubar went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC from where he transferred to the Peddie School in Highstown NJ in 1987. His college years are spent at the Syracuse University from where he graduated with the Bachelor’s degree in speech communication in 1995. See, https://www.crunchbase.com/person/todd-lubar#/entity.


With remarkable speech and administrative skills, Lubar embarked into the Real Estate Industry as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. This particular phase of his life proved to be beneficial for him since he developed healthy relationships with several agents of his business, financial planners, CPA as well as insurance agents. These people now form the basis of a bounty source of referral business for him.

Todd Lubar acquired an equity position in the company Legacy Financial Group in 1999, which enlarged his ability to the level of broker loaning to outside investors in addition to continuing the business of a direct Mortgage bank. He again made a movement to Charter Funding in 2005 but in 2007, he decided to return to his roots of mortgage banking. Additionally, he is also the owner of the nightclub industry, the Demolition industry, the Real Estate Development sector and the recycling industry.


With an enthralling experience of more than 12 years, Lubar has developed over the time a niche for underserved customers. As a result of it, he formed the Legendary Financial LLC which caters to the need for both at the individual as well as the company level. According to Yelp.com, he has been involved in more than 7000 transactions which developed his skills of overall risk analysis underlying any loan transactions and take intelligent decisions based on the market specifications.

Family Life

Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda Maryland with two wonderful children. As seen on his Linked In page, his favorite pastime is to be with his kids and traveling. His motto in life is to improve as a person every day and add on to the value to every relationship that he makes every time.

This is, in a nutshell, the eventful life of Todd Lubar that he has surpassed till now and looking forward to a better tomorrow. His untiring efforts to add on to his life as well as to his business value lay the apt base for the success that he has achieved till date.


Securus Technologies Has Effects of Stopping Crimes in an Innovative Fashion

Securus Technologies offers an opportunity in which people are connect with others through the utilization of video chatting through an interface of a program that has been beautifully designed and engineered to give inmates an opportunity of connecting with those who they may consider to be friends, significant others, or relatives in a “face to face” scenario without actually being next to one another. This is made possible by a technology that brings video conferencing into a correctional facility’s environment.


Visitors are no longer obligated to wait in lines or schedule appointments during times that are inconvenient for them. They can simply open the Securus Technologies program to chat with their friend, significant other, or relative through the program by setting their own schedules. It is however important to see whether or not the correctional facility your friend, relative, or significant other may be incarcerated at is currently offering the utilization of this program.


Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited company that has been given approval to continue its operations. They’ve been proven to be a quality company that has made a program that’s greatly benefited many different types of people. It is a program that’s had effects of helping communities by solving crimes as the conversations that take place within the video conferencing sessions of Securus Technologies can be used as evidence by police officers in which they’ll be able to begin investigative efforts to potentially stop the crimes that may have been spoken about. It is a program that provides an all around spectrum of benefits for many different people. If you’re wanting to become more acquainted with the program and its interface, please feel free to contact one of the customer service technicians to provide you with the guidance that you may require to begin utilizing this program. Be sure to check on the prices on the website as well. You will see that rates are quite low in comparison to other forms of communicative technologies.


Ricardo Tosto: Choosing the Right Business Attorney

If you are looking for a business law attorney or patent lawyer, it is imperative that you do your research. A good lawyer can provide many benefits to your business or organization, and help you attain your goal. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned business law attorney in Brazil.

Not all business or corporate lawyers out there can provide the level of service you need for your patent or business issue.

Because of this, to identify the right patent lawyer or attorney, it is best to consider first his level of expertise. Trying to ask your family members and friends about patent lawyers may only diminish your chance of getting a real patent professional. Bear in mind that what works for them may not benefit you.

Hence, it is best to ask those who are in the same field as well. You may ask some attorney that you know and get some referrals regarding the right patent attorney that can do the job for you.

Indeed, picking the right patent lawyer can be very complicated. You may never know the best among the rest unless you know that he stands out above the others. So, better check the background first before enlisting the services of one.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a litigator with a proven track record. He has handled a wide variety of cases for both businesses and individual clients. His clients include some of the most reputable companies, corporations, entrepreneurs and even the government sector.

Even the best negotiation process can not always produce the results his clients deserve, so Mr Ricardo Tosto litigates those situations that he needs to in the interest of getting the best results for his clients. Ricardo takes steps to ensure that his clients are being treated fairly and reasonably.

More visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOThP_iK2xU

How Richard Blair Guides his Clients on Wealth Accumulation

Richard Blair is the owner of the Wealth Solutions, which is a firm that has been assisting clients to accumulate and control their assets. He is a competent financial advisor to his customers. Mr. Blair has various qualifications, and they include CES, RICP, CAS, and CFS. The headquarters of his advisory firm are presently located in Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions has developed a process that it follows when offering financial plans to its clients.

According to Richard, all his customers need to have a competent program that supports them to achieve their financial needs. He has, therefore, committed his career to offering the residents of Austin, Texas, the best guidance for managing their affluence and strategizing for retirement.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has established three well-structured pillars that it uses in guiding its clients. They allow its professionals to know the monetary and retirement needs of an individual. This makes it easy to develop a comprehensive plan that is tailored to match the specific requirements of a client.

The company’s first pillar is essential in determining the financial plan of a person. It deals with issues such as development platforms, abilities, risk acceptance, and objectives. The investment advisor can establish financial strategies after understanding the background of a client. Another pillar is crucial in the formation of long-term projects that suit an individual’s investment plans.

It is developed to match the investment goals and liquidity requirements of a person. Mr. Blair understands how a client’s portfolio can be managed to make maximum profits. The final pillar that Wealth Solutions uses is devoted to addressing insurance needs such as annuities and life assurance.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions decided to be a financial advisor due to the teaching background of his family. He has specialized in serving small enterprises, private investors, and family businesses.

Blair’s mother and grandmother were tutors, and this allowed him to understand how teaching assists one to gain information and self-confidence. The teaching and finance expertise influenced him to establish Wealth Solutions in 1994. The firm has acquired an excellent reputation in Austin and its environs for the outstanding services that it offers.

The company has always provided its clients with useful and impartial guidance that can assist them to invest successfully. He has been an investment and retirement advisor for more than two decades, and this has allowed him to gain sufficient experience.

Vintners In The United Kingdom

Vintners are professionals, in short, who produce wine. They’re also frequently known simply as “winemakers.” Wine merchants exist in many different parts of the world. They’re common in nations such as France, Italy and the United States. They’re also relatively common in the United Kingdom. UK vintners typically work with wine companies and wineries.

They are responsible for many duties and tasks. Vintners are usually in charge of the grape pressing process. They have hands-on jobs that involve physical labor and getting dirty. Various other duties and tasks that are commonplace for vintners include wine filtration, viticulturist collaboration, juice settling assessments, wine bottling planning and wine quality assessments.

Vintners have to handle these things for an abundance of reasons. Wine filtration, first and foremost, is critical for the extraction of any solids that may still be around. Juice settling assessments, on the other hand, are essential for the grape fermentation process. People who work as vintners generally have to know a lot about science. Laboratory evaluations are typically big components of UK vintner jobs.

There are quite a few companies in Great Britain that have capable UK vintners on their staffs. UKV PLC is a prominent wine merchant that’s headquartered in Surrey, United Kingdom. The company also has a branch in London. People who wish to purchase Investment Grade Luxury Fine Wine can easily do so from UKV PLC. The company also specializes in champagne. Customers can opt to purchase wine directly from UKV PLC. The merchant sells wine from many diverse regions.

People who are interested in wines that come from Spain, Italy and France can all depend on UKV PLC. It isn’t difficult at all for people to buy wine from the UKV PLC website. The website is modern and simple to navigate. Customers can easily and quickly browse all of their choices in available wines and champagnes. Once they spot products that catch their eyes, they can then proceed to view their listings. If they like what they see, they can then add these items to their shopping carts.

UKV PLC is a wine company that emphasizes strong customer service. People who have questions about its offerings, as a result, can easily get in contact with the staff. Customers can reach the support team using a contact form. They can also email or phone the UKV PLC team. The merchant’s staff members are attentive professionals who respond quickly to questions.

The Fabletics Way

In the past, the formula for acquiring a high-end client was to provide a measure of exclusivity by having a price point that was affordable by the common shopper. The second step in this formula is to then offer this high-end client a very high quality product. Many of the most iconic brands available in fashion have instituted this policy with great effectiveness. However, this model is not holding up in the Amazon era. Aggregate shopping sites like Amazon have caused a shift in high-end customer behavior and regular shopping behavior alike.


Because many of these shoppers originate online, they often only utilize brick-and-mortar stores to test the product. These shoppers then return to online sources to find cheaper purchasing options instead of patronizing the brick-and-mortar stores in which they test the products. Therefore, these stores feel like they are becoming showrooms for online stores and aggregate sites like Amazon. Showrooming as it has become known as is becoming a real problem for brick-and-mortar stores who have to charge more on top of their high price point because of the overhead necessary to operate the traditional stores.


This overhead is compounded by showrooming because of the added manpower required to show products to the new influx of this type of internet client and to also house products without the return of the benefit from the purchase. To buck this trend, many of the more internet savvy start-up companies have integrated strategies of reverse showrooming into their marketing repertoires. Reverse showrooming utilizes the trend of showrooming in order to convert potential customers thereby making the phenomenon a huge asset in building a high-end brand in today’s internet laden business atmosphere.


Because of today’s business atmosphere, these savvy companies understand that a positive customer experience is one of the new keys needed in converting a high-end customer base. So now they can build these stores simply to provide this experience. One company that is taking on Amazon in this way is Fabletics. Fabletics was founded three years ago by Kate Hudson, and since its founding, it has grown approximately 5000 percent utilizing its twist on reverse showrooming. Gregg Throgmartin is the company’s general manager.


Fabletics utilizes a subscription model that is described as a mechanic. This mechanic allows the company to convert customers online and then provide the necessary positive customer experience to further develop their relationship with those who already possess a subscription and to convert new customers inside the brick and mortars with this positive customer experience. Because of this technique, a majority of the customers entering their stores are already subscription carriers. Another one quarter of their clientele base is converted in store.


Another benefit of their technique is that it does not matter if the customer acquires the product online or in stores because the price point is consistent along all the platforms in which they sell. To further cement their buyers, items that clients choose within a store automatically appear in their online shopping carts further facilitating purchasing ease by providing many options in which to buy.