Bruce Levenson Prepares Students to Do Good

Bruce Levenson’s name became better known to the public thanks to his time as Governor of the Atlanta Hawks, but now he’s hoping to increase his profile by aligning himself more closely with his philanthropic efforts. Partnering up with his wife Karen, Levenson started the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland, helping undergrad students explore the many ways their entrepreneurial pursuits can actually do a little good in the world.

According to PR Newswire, Levenson’s Do Good Institute focuses on undergrad students that want to combine their philanthropic efforts with their professional careers. Levenson hopes that by combining the two in young people, worthwhile causes will receive the organizational structure of a sound business and be able to be more effective in meeting their goals of affecting positive change.

The Do Good Institute is by no means Bruce Levenson’s first foray into the world of philanthropy, and the understanding of that world lead to the acquisition of nearly $100 million in seed funding. This made it possible for students like Ben Simon to set up organizations that tackled issues that mattered to them most. Simon has been at the founding of Food Recovery Network, which tackled waste issues on campus, and Imperfect Produce, which help the poor access fruits and vegetables at reduced cost.

Simon is just one example of the kind of leadership Levenson hopes to foster through the Do Good Initiative. And he believes that it will be an organization that will spread to other campuses, bypassing the fear of obsolescence many traditional education programs feel in the digital age. Levenson hopes to see the Do Good Initiative attract forward thinking young people ready to engage the real world with causes that will make it more sustainable for all by applying a smart business approach.

About Bruce Levenson


Since 1977, Bruce Levenson and business partner Ed Peskowitz have run the United Communications Group. Theirs is one of the largest business information companies in the world, and in their 40 years they’ve been able to service more than two million clients in disparate industries.

Levenson has a long history championing charitable causes, most notably from his position as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Along with his wife Karen, Levenson founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership which is headquartered at the University of Maryland.

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