Why Helane Morrison is a Living Example that Corporate Compliance can Work

Helane Morrison has had an enviable career in the corporate world. The lawyer and journalist by profession has defied all odds to become one of the leading lights in the financial services industry. She works at Hall Capital Partners where she is the lead counsel and chief compliance officer. Ms. Morrison has been working at Hall Capital Partners for close to ten years. During this time, she has helped lay down strategies that have enabled the firm to comply with all regulations set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Acquiring Ms. Morrison’s services was seen to be a major corporate coup by Hall Capital Partners since she is a proven compliance expert with a wealth of experience under her belt. Her appointment followed the economic crunch of 2008, which helped unearth the massive rot that existed in the money markets at the time. Besides sitting on Hall Capital Partners’ advisory board, Helane’s role is to ensure that regulatory compliance, business ethics and integrity, and accountability are upheld in all dealings undertaken by the firm. Her experience in compliance and law gives her the ability to undertake these roles judiciously.


Why Helane’s Career at Hall Capital has been a Success


Ms. Morrison has excelled in her job because since she embarked on her career, she stood out for her sharp mind and assertive demeanor. This has made it difficult for her to be swayed considering the fact that graft is the norm in the financial services industry. At Hall Capital, it has been her duty to ensure that investments are made with clients’ interests at heart. This has made it even easier for the firm to attain its compliance objectives.


Helane’s Résumé


The Northwestern University and Berkeley School of Law graduate has carved a niche for herself for being a staunch advocate of ethical practices within the money markets. She was known for standing by these ideals from a young age. Helane studied journalism at Northwestern, and this came in handy during her stint as an editor with the law review magazine at Berkeley.


Early in her legal career, Helane got the opportunity to work under renowned jurists, Richard Posner and Harry Blauckman before delving into private practice. Her most notable legal role in the private practice was at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin where she rose to the position of senior partner. Before joining Hall Capital, she was a senior official at the SEC.


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