Founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s Day

Being a huge fan and collector of makeup, I have learned, worn, and reviewed many high-end, high-quality makeup brands. I can honestly say when I’m going out anytime, day or night I love to reach for what’s absolutely become a staple in my on the go makeup bag, Lime Crimes Perlees lipstick in the shade Gemma.Someone who is truly familiar with the Lime Crime brand, from its semi-permanent Chocolate Cherry Unicorn hair color to its Cleopatra Diamond Crusher lip topper.I have yet to really learn about the Founder/Owner Doe Deere herself.


After reading a very informative article, written by Savior Flair titled “Morning Routine: How Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime, Starts Her Day.” I have learned little things that are such major factors in her daily life. Letting Savior Flair in on things like her exercise regiment, makeup routine, and how she conducts her day.Sometimes the smallest insight can really help you view the character of a person.


Finishing nine hours of restful sleep, a beauty secret Doe Deere shares for clear skin, she begins her morning with a consistent body alarm wake-up of 8:30 am each day.Providing a good health tip, Doe Deere says she starts her body off with a full glass of water, making sure to stay hydrated in the dry L.A climate. Also, giving her body a jump start, Doe Deere loves to get in a stretch, one of her favorite being the” Cat/Camel” great for loosening up and prepping herself for the activities ahead. Breakfast consisting of fruit, yogurt, and her favorite hot cereal “Grits”, nicely downed by freshly squeezed juice from her own orange tree.With a very busy day ahead of her, Doe Deere takes to her phone her calendar keeping her updated with things to be done, even from home she stays connected with her business team through an internal company chat and always being informed with Instagram and Emails.


All the while taking a trip down memory lane, Doe Deere listens to her childhood obsession The Beatles when doing her makeup. Naming some very popular makeup brands Glossier, L’Oreal, And MAC in her routine She explains how she has been currently working on bringing a makeup foundation to the market herself. Creating an extra spectacular look depending on the meetings that may lie ahead it takes anywhere from 15 mins to one hour to finish her face. Before heading out, she always tries to make a little time for her two Persian cats who she states lives like kings.Leaving she makes her way to the office by noon.Taking care of business, like brainstorming with her team, enjoying lunch, and tackling meetings, Doe Deere sometimes works until midnight.

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George Soros: A great Investor and Billionaire

George Soros is a liberal billionaire and investor based in New York, United States. For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has worked to earn more than $25 billion. For all his life, George Soros has issued more than $12 billion to charitable organizations such as the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. George Soros is a Hungarian-born business person who secured fast income by working with other liberal investors in the United States. For all his life, George Soros has always developed fast income as a way of generating better business in his life. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, there were few Jews in the country because the Nazi Occupation was about to sweep everyone from the country. For this reason, he worked hard to secure false identities and generate better business deals to amounts that benefit everyone in the industry. Because of his innovation strategies, George Soros has always developed the most sophisticated business solutions as a way of accessing income in the industry. George Soros also used his knowledge to secure the false identities for other Jewish families in the country. Because of this, he made himself a name as a young leader of the few. George Soros worked hard in high school to graduate with the highest grades. For this reason, he attained the minimum grade to join college. However, the people in the country never allowed non-Hungarian born citizens to secure a college education in the country. For this reason, they ended up working to attain the best business opportunities.

George Soros found his way to the United Kingdom with his family. Because he was a grown man, he decided to generate more income to take care of his low-income family. Whenever you are in a new land, business is not always at your fingertips. For this reason, few people always work hard to secure an income. George Soros found a job at a local railway station as a waiter. He used that money to secure shelter and food for his family. He also used the remaining money to pay for his school fees at a local education center. George Soros secured an education at a local educational center. For this reason, no one knew more about his education as one of the most motivated students in college. While other students came in driving motor vehicles, his education was paralleled with misery and poverty. The little he made from the local railway station was hardly enough to pay for his school fees and other accreditations. Therefore, no one knew about his business deals in the industry. George Soros graduated with the highest honors to land himself a job at the United Kingdom Barclays Bank. Read this story at about George Soros.

How Securus Technologies is Breaking Several Barriers in The Communications Industry

Securus Technologies isn’t your ordinary form of communications, as it’s one that’s enabling visitors of inmates and inmates themselves to communicate with one another via methods of videoconferencing in which the visitors are not required to physically travel to the inmate’s place of confinement. If you’re needing to speak with a representative of Securus Technologies to learn more about the program, please refer to the website, as contact details are available on there. Also, if you’re wanting to find a list of which correctional facilities have already proceeded with having the program installed, then that is something that you may be able to find on the website as well.

Securus Technologies consists of a safe, secure, and fast platform in which its immediate users can speak to one another without worrying about any unwanted/third party eavesdropping. This is often a concern of anyone who engages in any other forms of communications in which fact to face contact is not conducted. The only other parties that will have access to the videoconferencing sessions are law enforcement agencies and the courts if matters of illegal activities are discussed within them. This is exactly why the program of Securus Technologies has become a deterrent of crimes in a great way, as inmates are not only avoiding speaking about matters of illegal activities that may be taking place within their areas of confinement, but from engaging in them altogether, as they’re aware that others who conduct visitation sessions through the Securus Technologies program can end up talking about anything they engage in with their respective visitors. If you’re wanting to receive assistance with utilizing the program, then it’s recommended for you to go to the website to see what the options of contacting a help desk assistant may be. You will find the program is certainly one that’s worth utilizing.

Introducing The Brown Modelling Agency, The Best Talent Agency In Austin

Brown Agency probably sounds familiar, and if it does it’s because it is one of the most well-known modeling agencies in Texas. If you want to learn more about this talent agency, then read on. You’ll also learn about their presence on social media and a few success stories that involve their talent.

About The Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency is much more than a modeling agency, as they are a commercial talent agency. They are based in Austin, which is where they’ve been since the Spring of 2010, and they are considered a leader in the modeling industry. The Brown Modeling Agency has a strong presence in Austin.

Since 2010, the agency’s models have worked alongside the most popular brands in the world. These brands include thousands of companies, such as Toyota, Louis Vuitton and Dell to name a few.

The president of the agency is Justin Brown. He is known for being passionate about the industry and he believes in hiring the best talent around.

Success Stories

As previously mentioned, the Brown Modeling Agency has models that have and continue to work with popular brands. Their models have also graced the runways of the most prestigious shows in the world, such as Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. The models have also worked at Austin Fashion Week and Dallas Fashion Week to name just a few.

The modeling agency works with all types of commercial and fashion models. This includes men, women and children.

Social Media

The Brown Modeling Agency can be found on a number of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, the agency shares photos of the talent they have working for them. They also share photos and the latest news on Facebook.

As you can see, the Brown Modeling Agency is very successful and it’s no secret why. They have some of the most talented models in the industry and in the Austin area. If anybody wants to learn more about the agency, its owner or its models, then they can visit their website. Feel free to follow them on social media, too.