Founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s Day

Being a huge fan and collector of makeup, I have learned, worn, and reviewed many high-end, high-quality makeup brands. I can honestly say when I’m going out anytime, day or night I love to reach for what’s absolutely become a staple in my on the go makeup bag, Lime Crimes Perlees lipstick in the shade Gemma.Someone who is truly familiar with the Lime Crime brand, from its semi-permanent Chocolate Cherry Unicorn hair color to its Cleopatra Diamond Crusher lip topper.I have yet to really learn about the Founder/Owner Doe Deere herself.


After reading a very informative article, written by Savior Flair titled “Morning Routine: How Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime, Starts Her Day.” I have learned little things that are such major factors in her daily life. Letting Savior Flair in on things like her exercise regiment, makeup routine, and how she conducts her day.Sometimes the smallest insight can really help you view the character of a person.


Finishing nine hours of restful sleep, a beauty secret Doe Deere shares for clear skin, she begins her morning with a consistent body alarm wake-up of 8:30 am each day.Providing a good health tip, Doe Deere says she starts her body off with a full glass of water, making sure to stay hydrated in the dry L.A climate. Also, giving her body a jump start, Doe Deere loves to get in a stretch, one of her favorite being the” Cat/Camel” great for loosening up and prepping herself for the activities ahead. Breakfast consisting of fruit, yogurt, and her favorite hot cereal “Grits”, nicely downed by freshly squeezed juice from her own orange tree.With a very busy day ahead of her, Doe Deere takes to her phone her calendar keeping her updated with things to be done, even from home she stays connected with her business team through an internal company chat and always being informed with Instagram and Emails.


All the while taking a trip down memory lane, Doe Deere listens to her childhood obsession The Beatles when doing her makeup. Naming some very popular makeup brands Glossier, L’Oreal, And MAC in her routine She explains how she has been currently working on bringing a makeup foundation to the market herself. Creating an extra spectacular look depending on the meetings that may lie ahead it takes anywhere from 15 mins to one hour to finish her face. Before heading out, she always tries to make a little time for her two Persian cats who she states lives like kings.Leaving she makes her way to the office by noon.Taking care of business, like brainstorming with her team, enjoying lunch, and tackling meetings, Doe Deere sometimes works until midnight.

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