Oncotarget is a medical journal that purely focuses on the research on the branch of medicine known as oncology. Oncologists work towards analysis, hindrance and treating it entirely.It consists of the molecules and how the cellular’s function. Download output styles at Endnote.com

The oncotarget journal was started in the year 2010.it is edited by Andrei V Gudkov, and Mikhail V Blagosklonny.the impact journals are the publishers of the magazine. The journal’s offices are found at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York.

The aim of the journal is to avail all the scientific research and the results. It also permits the sharing of the information so as to come up with useful findings regarding cancer. This explains why they are found in every social media. This allows the journal to be easily accessed by anyone who needs information on cancer.

The oncotarget receives a lot of papers which have to be critically observed before being uploaded on their website to be shared. Since it is online based, there is no limit of papers submitted, and every information can be accommodated and published.

It doesn’t take long for any information to be published online. This allows people to access easily without delay hence making informed decisions.

Manuscripts are edited and evaluated basing on scientific research. Editors are not allowed to show any conflicts of interest towards the papers to allow competitiveness. All the articles published are not dependable to any outside policies apart from those of the journal itself. The content to be edited is under the Editors in chief who give the publication time.

The writers and other members of staff are not allowed to disclose any knowledge regarding any submitted paperwork apart from notifying the authors.

The information that is not published is treated as private and confidential and is not to be used for personal for reasons by the editorial staff. The editors then subject the manuscripts to intensive peer review by not less than two reviewers. Editors do not accept manuscripts that are fabricated, those with falls information or plagiarism.

Any document suspected to have been made investigated for years even after publishing and the necessary steps were taken. In the case of an error, a correction or even reaction is confirmed, it is made public to avoid confusion of any sort. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.