Video Visitation Services Provide Better Everyday Communication

While spending time in prison is meant to be a punishment and designed to help someone rehabilitate before coming back into society, it can often be a very frustrating and challenging process for many inmates. One of the most difficult parts of being in prison for many inmates is not being able to see their family members and friends on a regular basis.

While there are visitation rights for many inmates, most find that these visits are often too quick and too far apart and do not allow an inmate to partake in the everyday activities of their family’s lives. Fortunately, due to a new video visitation program developed by Securus Technologies, inmates can be brought closer to their family members than ever before.

Securus Technologies has recently released a video visitation service that allows an inmate to have live face-to-face video chats with their loved ones. When a correctional facility signs up to use this service they will be able to install a terminal into their faculty, which can then be used by an inmate to connect to a live video chat with a loved one. A family member can then download an application to their tablet or smartphone to chat with the inmate.

This program has been very beneficial for inmates, as it has allowed them to have a convenient communication tool that allows them to see their family on a far more regular basis. This has allowed an inmate to stay connected on an everyday basis, which has helped them to feel more connected and satisfied with their family life. It has also provided significant convenience to the visitors and the prison system, which has been an additional benefit.

Securus Technologies has been one of the leaders of the correctional facility communications industry for over a decade. The current video visitation program is only the latest technology that they have unveiled as they have routinely provided the most secure and advanced programs and services to the prison industry. Seucurs currently sells their programs and services to hundreds of locations across the country.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.