Amicus Therapeutics: Creating Groundbreaking Medical Treatments For Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a Cranberry, New Jersey based American biopharmaceutical company. The company focuses on creating treatments for rare, orphan diseases like lysosmal storage disorders. Using a Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy platform, Amicus Therapeutics develops effective enzyme replacement therapies. The company is known for having the pharmaceutical industry’s broadest portfolio went it comes to small molecule pharmacological chaperones. Although Amicus has no marketed products, the pharmacological chaperone treatment migalastat, used to treat Fabry disease, is at an advanced state of development.

Amicus Therapeutics has collaborated with companies like JCR Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline and Shire to do groundbreaking research and development on effective medical treatments. The company has been trading on NASDAQ under the symbol FOLD since 2007. Prior to that it received funding from New Enterprise Associates, Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners as well as other venture capital firms. Amicus Therapeutics expanded into a second research site in San Diego in 2008. The company doesn’t have its own manufacturing capability. Instead, it relies on contract manufacturing.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation gave Amicus Therapeutics a $500,000 grant in 2010 to help support the company’s collaborative studies with UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation gave Amicus Therapeutics a $210,300 grant that same year in support of the pre-clinical work the company was doing at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center as part of a collaboration at Mount Sinai with the Icahn School of Medicine.

Amicus Therapeutics acquired Callidus Biopharma, one of it’s competitors in 2013. This gave Amicus the intellectual property and proprietary materials necessary for the creation of the enzyme replacement therapy treatment used for Pompe disease. The company continued to grow in 2015 when it paid cash and stock of $947 million to acquire Scioderm (Google Finance).

One key member of the company’s corporate governance team is John F. Crowley. He has been CEO since 2005 and became chairman of the board in 2010. The COO is Bradley L Campbell and William D. Baird III is CFO. Former board chairman Donald Hayden, Jr. is now the company’s Lead Independent Director. The Chief Scientific Officer of Amicus Therapeutics is David Lockhart.

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Jason Halpern: A Rising Star in Commercial Real Estate

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

One of the largest names rising to the forefront of real estate development is Jason Halpern of JMH Development. He is young, thriving and has a keen eye for spotting areas on the brink of transition into affluence that has garnered him immense success and respect in the industry.

Jason Halpern is a successful real estate developer that focuses on the development of key areas that are looking at an economic book. In 2010 Halpern took over his family’s real estate business, he continued to facilitate it into the successful enterprise it has become today. The company now has around $500 million of investments in ongoing projects in New York. That portfolio includes an innovative and much talked-about project established on 184 Kent that is transforming what used to be a warehouse into over 300 luxury apartments in the heart of an upcoming neighborhood.

Jason Halpern: with Production

He currently leads JMH Development. This top-tier, full-service real estate development firm has extensive experience developing commercial properties throughout the U.S. and is known for its fresh and modern take on developing luxury properties. One of the things JMH Development and Jason Halpern are known for is their transitional use of the space they develop. Small touches and key luxury upgrades attract buyers that seek luxury properties of today’s generation, not properties that often feel stuffy and non-modern. In fact, Jason has been called a pioneer in the art of fusing luxury with the unique goals and amenities that draw today’s luxury buyer of the current generation. His properties are extremely well positioned and the markets he chooses to select are some of the most innovative in the country.

Jason’s Own Time

One of the things that sets Jason Halpern and JMH apart is the company’s hands on approach to tackling and taking ownership of every step of the development process. The company prides itself on a leadership team that can help others navigate even the most extensive of projects. Their team also prides itself on being able to pivot the mixed-use development space that has become so popular – including hospitality, residential and commercial on a daily basis.

Jason’s Family

It’s no secret the market is thriving on mixed used developments in the areas that JMH services, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami. The incredibly valuable and unique marketplace insight that Jason Halpern and JMH offers adds an additional layer into any project that ensures excellence.

George Soros Shows He Is Pro Clinton and Anti Trump

The motives of a number of political donors in the U.S. can often be difficult to define, but the well-known liberal and donor to a number of Democrat’s George Soros seemed to show in 2015 and 2016 that he was dedicated to fighting on behalf of Democrat Hillary Clinton, but also a dedicated anti Donald Trump campaigner. For George Soros any free and open election should be fought over more than simply the personality of those on the ballot, but should also see every voter looking to explore the values and policies of the individuals and parties they are running on behalf of; after being let down by the lack of liberal causes pushed forward by President barrack Obama, Soros has made it his personal crusade to make sure the liberal causes the Hungarian born financial expert has held dear throughout his life. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Politico reports George Soros made his initial decision to back the campaign of former Secretary of State Clinton for the 2016 Presidential election campaign was based on his own sense of having made a mistake in backing President Barrack Obama in 2008 over Clinton. Clinton and Soros are reported to have built a strong political relationship over the course of three decades that returned to full levels of cooperation when Clinton was preparing for her run at The White House in the buildup to the 2016 election cycle; aides for Clinton have reported former refugee George Soros was given an open line to the former First Lady in a bid to make sure her own vision for the future of the U.S. reflected the policies George Soros hoped to see put into place. Although he is now a U.S. citizen the Hungarian born George Soros has always been willing to fight for the rights of those within the U.S. and those affected by U.S. policies across the planet.

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Although it is easy to express the support George Soros has shown for Hillary Clinton across the 2016 election cycle, the antipathy he feels for now President Donald Trump is also easy to see as Soros has been a fierce critic of the newly elected President. One of the major ways Soros looked to fight the rise of Trump has been through the mobilization of wealthy Democrat donors from across the U.S. Despite the victory of President Trump in 2016 the work to fight his right wing agenda looks set to continue for George Soros and his fellow members of the Democracy Alliance group of Democrat supporters who met soon after the election was completed in a bid to formulate plans for returning Democrat’s to power in Washington and fighting the right wing plans of Trump. Read this story about George at

The Eventful Life of Todd Lubar

The fresh face of TDL Global Ventures, LLC Todd Lubar joined the company as the President. He has also been involved with Legendary Investments and Charter Funding as the SR. Vice President. In addition to these, he has also been holding the position of Sales Director in Debt Defense Services LLC. To look into the illustrious life history of Todd Lubar, let us have a sneak peek into each and every aspects of it.

Educational Background

In his early schooling days, Lubar went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC from where he transferred to the Peddie School in Highstown NJ in 1987. His college years are spent at the Syracuse University from where he graduated with the Bachelor’s degree in speech communication in 1995. See,


With remarkable speech and administrative skills, Lubar embarked into the Real Estate Industry as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. This particular phase of his life proved to be beneficial for him since he developed healthy relationships with several agents of his business, financial planners, CPA as well as insurance agents. These people now form the basis of a bounty source of referral business for him.

Todd Lubar acquired an equity position in the company Legacy Financial Group in 1999, which enlarged his ability to the level of broker loaning to outside investors in addition to continuing the business of a direct Mortgage bank. He again made a movement to Charter Funding in 2005 but in 2007, he decided to return to his roots of mortgage banking. Additionally, he is also the owner of the nightclub industry, the Demolition industry, the Real Estate Development sector and the recycling industry.


With an enthralling experience of more than 12 years, Lubar has developed over the time a niche for underserved customers. As a result of it, he formed the Legendary Financial LLC which caters to the need for both at the individual as well as the company level. According to, he has been involved in more than 7000 transactions which developed his skills of overall risk analysis underlying any loan transactions and take intelligent decisions based on the market specifications.

Family Life

Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda Maryland with two wonderful children. As seen on his Linked In page, his favorite pastime is to be with his kids and traveling. His motto in life is to improve as a person every day and add on to the value to every relationship that he makes every time.

This is, in a nutshell, the eventful life of Todd Lubar that he has surpassed till now and looking forward to a better tomorrow. His untiring efforts to add on to his life as well as to his business value lay the apt base for the success that he has achieved till date.


Anthony Petrello Heads Up Nabors Industry

In the American economy, there are companies that come in all sizes. There are small Mom and Pop enterprises that have been the historical foundation of American commerce. Companies with multiple locations or Mom and Pops that have expanded are a sign that the economic conditions in the United States of America are suited for growth and profitability on Larger companies manufacture products used not just in the local area but statewide and throughout the nation. But some of the largest businesses, corporations, are truly supersized. The company, Nabors Industries, being run by Anthony Petrello is one such giant.

Nabors Industries Ltd. was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Ltd. it is an oil and natural gas drilling contractor that is seeking those naturally occurring products anywhere they can be found in the world. This huge corporation has 29 marine vessels for its multiple offshore operations on In a 2006 report, the company owned and operated 610 rigs in the United States of America and an additional 190 drilling units in Canada. The company has at its disposal 48 oil platform rigs, 19 jack-up barge rigs, and an additional 5 barge rigs.

Owners of small businesses know that it is important to be aware of what each manager of an individual location does as he or she conducts daily business. For Petrello briefings from operations around the world must suffice and scores of accountants and advisers must keep Tony Petrello aware of what is taking place in this enormous worldwide operation. Imagine needing a part for a drilling rig and not having it available. This could hold up operations costing the company tens of thousands of dollars every day. This kind of enormous strain can take its toll on executives. But Tony Petrello survives the strains and rigors of his important position as CEO and conducts business for Nabors Industries from the Houston office. Houston is where Petrello and his wife reside and are engaged members of the social set and often contribute their luxurious Shadyside home to galas and charity events.

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